Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#4: Jan 7, 2012 - Espiritos Culturales

While developing different ideas for thesis, our advisor had us come up with Blue Sky ideas. My idea was to create a geometry heavy, render heavy world that was completely indulgent and full of detail. The idea came from a trip I made in Japan where me and some friends, while exploring the ruins of a town after a volcano had erupted some years before, found a strange man made tunnel that had no ground. Instead, we could see straight through the tunnel to this pure lush greenery, as if we were standing at the physical end of civilization and were being forced to enter a new wild world.

Since I consider myself to be an amalgam of cultures, I thought it would be interesting if people, or children, had cultural doppelgangers; a person who had all your proportions but was actually a mash up of different things from your culture. The above is a representation of my character Wendy's doppelganger. Wendy is Latin, like myself. Her doppelganger has the head of a coconut, a spine of sugar cane, the body and arms/wings of parrots, legs of a frog and platanos for hair. These are all things I identify with my Puerto Rican background. The drawing is Wendy's doppelganger exploring the forest as if for the first time, even though she has lived in the forest her whole life. Drawing was done with Copics pens, Sakura drafting pens and pencil.

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